D24V22F5 regulator

Please I’m applied D24V10F5 Step-Down regulator to power up a 5V circuit that initiate consuming like 35 mA per 20 seconds or more and pulse ~1300mA per 10 ms. The specifications say to voltage don’t drop more than 0,2V at pulse. The process have a hourly cycle. When operating (6 months) we had no problems but recently probably a lightning or component stress (constantly overloaded) created faults and it is no logger supplying at peaks.

We will replace the original unit to D24V22F5 or another recommeded by you. The question is: this new regulator can meet the power specifications detailed above?

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Hi, bandera18

Yes, the D24V22F5 regulator should easily be able to handle 10ms bursts of 1.3A


I appreciated!

Great weeekend