D24V22F5 powering a Raspberry Pi 3 B+

I just want make sure the D24V22F5 is appropriate to power RPi 3. I’m having some voltage droop issues, but that might be explained by my current bread board and 30awg jumpers set up. Assuming I’ve picked the right DC-DC converter, Should I be using a capacitor for smoothing? Is it OK to feed power to GPIO pins 2 & 6 or should I add a micro-USB jack to the power supply and feed the RPi the normal way? Thanks.

Update: The voltage droop problem has been solved. I was using some 30awg jumpers and it seems voltage drop through those jumpers were the problem. I was seeing voltages as low as 4.762v with the 30awg 10" jumpers. After relocating the D24V22F5 and switching to 22awg 3/4" jumpers, the voltage never got lower than 4.957v.

I’d still like to hear any recommendations on how to best power the RPi. Thanks.


The D24V22F5 should be fine for most RPi applications. If your system has lots of peripherals powered off your RPi 3 or otherwise will be drawing near its 3A max, I recommend our higher power D36V28F5 regulator.

In general, you probably do not need any extra capacitors, but you could check with a scope to see if you are getting a lot of noise or dips. Either the GPIO header or USB connector is fine.


Thanks for your help. I just needed to hear that I’m not doing something crazy. :crazy_face: