D24v22f12 not regulating down

I am trying to buck down 36 volts to 12 with the D24v22f12. I simply connected the 36 volts into the VIN and used the Ground right next to it. When I measure the VOUT it shows the same 36 volts. I am not sure how I can be connecting this wrong, but I have two of these and they both are not regulating down to 12v.

Hopefully I am doing something wrong, but not sure what?


I am sorry you are having trouble with your regulators. Did the regulators ever work for you? 36V is right at the limit of what that regulator can handle. What kind of supply is it coming from? Did you ever try them with a lower input voltage? Do you have any load on the output? Could you post pictures that show your connections (including the connection between your supply and the regulator)?


Hi, thanks for your help here!

Neither of the two regulators I just got ever worked. All I have done so far is hook it up and test it with my meter. I am using a Ni-MH battery that is unregulated. I can certainly try a lower voltage with a different power source, but the reason I got this item was that they could handle the input voltage I have.

How are you recommending the power source and output source to be connected? I can provide a picture, but like I said it is simply input to VIN and the Ground with Output v VOUT using the same Ground. I also tried the extra ground with the same problem.So are you saying that it will output the same input voltage it can not handle the input voltage?

Thank you!

If 36V is the nominal voltage of your battery, I suspect the actual fully charged battery voltage is over 40V. Exposing the regulator to a voltage higher than its maximum voltage like that could easily damage it. Even if the voltage reads 36V on your voltmeter, it is possible that spikes well above 36V occurred when connecting power or trying to run a load that damaged the regulator. At this point I suspect that those two regulators are broken, but you could try with a lower voltage source, just in case.

I know that it seems like you have a simple setup, but I asked for pictures so I can check for wrong connections, bad solder joints, and damage on the boards so I can determine if the boards are really broken. It would still be helpful to see both pictures of your setup and closeups of the board.


I have provided a picture, not sure how this is going to help. The fully charged batter is 36v.
Red is voltage in and black is ground. White is vOut. All I am doing is inputting voltage and checking the output. Like I said, trying this on two of these gives the same readings.

Thank you for the picture. I do not see any obvious damage on the regulator, so I am still not sure what might have happened. We would like to work directly with you on replacements. Could you email us at support@pololu.com with your order information and a reference to this thread?


I have sent mail with the information you requested. Thank you for your support.