D24V150F12 reverse current protection?

Hello, I’ve purchased a D24V150F12 (Pololu 12V, 15A Step-Down Voltage Regulator) and I was wondering if there was any reverse current protection on the regulator.

Essentially, our application requires a 24V power supply, but we have various 12V components, for which we need the D24V150F12. However, we will often need to supply the 12V components for long durations (10 days at a time), and we do not want to power our Ouster sensor during that time. We would rather avoid adding a physical switch to cut the current to the Ouster, but we’re thinking of adding a 12V power supply to the output of the regulator, like so :

Only one power supply is to be used at a time (when we’re using the 12V supply, the 24V supply is not connected). Does the regulator have a protection (diode) that protects against reverse currents?

Thanks in advance!


There is no protection on the D24V150F12 regulator to keep current from flowing back into the output, so I recommend adding a diode or other protection even if you do not plan to have both supplies active at a time.