D24V150F12 heat sinking requirements

Hello - I’ve just bought a D24V150F12 and a D24V60F5 for a fixed power supply - these will be driven off a 24VDC power supply that has a max ripple of 300mv. The 12V will be pulling 10 to 12amps for up to 30mins at a time. The 5V will be a steady 2 to 3amp - ambient temp is 30’C where I live. Before I design and 3D print the enclosure do you recommend heatsinking these products and if so do you have a heat sink or heat dissipation specsto recommend? I assume that both power transistor on the top and the mosfets on the underside of the board will need heat sinks. Size \ weight is not a particular concern for me for this application longer term reliability is my priority

I have a 24VDC fan that will be run off Vin that I was intending to use anyway

Edit - apologies if this info is included on the site somewhere I am new to Pololu and couldn’t see anything in the product data sheets

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From our graph at the bottom of the D24V150F12 product page, it looks like we were only able to sustain around 10A out of the regulator with a 24V input in our tests in open air at around 22°C ambient. Given that, I suspect you will need some kind of cooling for your application. Adding a heatsink might help some, but we expect forced airflow to be more effective. I expect the MOSFETS and inductor to both get very hot. You might consider something like this enclosure with fan mount that one of our engineers created. If you do try the regulator with some additional cooling, please let us know how it goes.


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maybe make an air flow manifold for som smal fans. can be a good way to for it. I also ned some system like that for my build.