D24V10F12 Wiring

Hi Very simple one here-

I have a 12v regulator 1A (model above) which I’d like to reduce the voltage from my Turnigy 4C 14.8V battery to produce 12V for a 7in LCD screen.

There are 5 connections; PG, SHDN,VIN, GND, VOUT.

Is it correct to wire the input to SHDN(-) & VIN (+) and output is GND (-) & VOUT (+) ignoring the PG?



Hello, Morgan.

At minimum, there are three connections required to use your regulator. Your battery’s positive cable should be connected to VIN. Your load should be powered by VOUT, and GND should be connected so that there is a common ground between all of your devices (battery, load, and regulator). The regulator will operate with the nSHDN pin and the PG pin disconnected. You can find more information about the pins in the “Connections” section of the product page description.


Thanks Patrick.

I sort of thought that but my electronics is a bit rusty.

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