D24V10F12 causing Router to restart over and over

I am trying to run a Netgear router from a D24V10F12.

I have new information to add. I put the scope on the output and the Vout appears to drop to 0 for about 10ms which is what is causing the reset to occur. Now the question is why is the dropout occurring.

When I drive the router directly from my bench power supply the router works perfectly and the supply shows that it never pulls over 0.5A at 12V.

When I connect the D24V10F12 with a 33uF 50V electrolytic cap on the Vin to Gnd to the bench power supply set to 15V and 3A and the Netgear connected to the D24V10F12 Vout and Gnd the Netgear powers up but appears to restart over and over.

This does not appear to be a power cycle and when I monitor the output of the D24V10F12 with a volt meter, it never changes. It shows it is outputting 11.999V.

It should be noted I have run this same router with a 3S LiPo battery directly as low as 11.1V with no problems.

Is this a noise or ripple or some other issue being generated from the D24V10F12?


Hi, Rick.

It sounds like the router is probably trying to draw more current than the regulator can handle at some point during start up. Does the reset always happen at the same point of the router’s boot sequence? For an issue like this, it is probably more helpful to have a capacitor on the output than the input. Could you either add one to the regulator’s output or move the one currently on the input to the output? If you have it, a larger capacitor would be better.


I just added 220uF capacitor to the Vout and it helped but did not completely solve the problem. The 33uF capacitor is still in place on the Vin.

You should be aware this problem does not happen during the boot process of the router but as much as a minute after the router has finished booting and it is just sitting there idling.


Could you be more specific about what you mean by “it helped but did not completely solve the problem”? Does the router reset less often now? You could try adding more capacitance, but it might be that this regulator just can’t handle the current spikes that are being drawn by the router. Could you try testing the router with your bench-top supply with the current limit on it set to 1A?