D-Shaft to Tamiya adaptor

It would be good to be able to fit the 3mm, 4mm, 6mm D-Shaft gearmotors to the Tamiya wheels that normally take the hex shafts. Some kind of plastic/metal adaptor that is a press fit to the D-Shaft and hex hole in the wheels.


Thanks for the suggestion. Are there particular Tamiya wheels you like? I am concerned that the adapter could be quite bulky and cost more than the wheel, in which case we’d be better off working on just a wheel solution.

- Jan

I was thinking of a little adaptor like the lego ones

3mm D-Shaft in one end, Hex on the other.

Or, maybe something like the 4mm hub that comes with the Tamiya wheels, but with a keyed shaft hole rather than the round hole they have.

Thought it might be good to be able to easily use any of the Tamiya wheels with the micro-metal and mini-metal gearmotors. No particular wheel in mind.

I guess if it was to support bigger shafts/motors then it would need to be really beefy and probably not worth the cost.


I was wondering if there is an adapter available now to connect Tamiya’s 70145 Narrow Tire on a D shaft of micro metal gearmotors? None of the Pololu wheels have such a nice grip and feel as Tamiya’s narrow tires. For my project, I find Pololu wheels to be very thin and flimsy compared to the Tamiya wheels. Any suggestion on what I can use?




We do not have an adapter for that, but you might be able to construct something yourself. Regarding your comment about the wheels being flimsy, did you have a particular experience where they did not perform well? They seem just as sturdy as the Tamiya narrow tires to me.

- Grant

Hi Grant,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I do see a performance difference. My robot has two wheels at the back driven by two micro metal gearmotors and two Tamiya ball casters at the front for support. Robot goes straight for 2 sec, then it turns by stopping one of the motors for 1 sec. This sequence repeats forever making robot’s path a polygon. Using Tamiya narrow tires, robot turns a consistent angle every time, whereas Pololu wheel gives variable angle at each turn and sometimes while trying to turn, wheels also slip. I feel that this is because of higher surface contact area in the case of Tamiya wheels, which provides a good traction with the floor.