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Cutting and using a LED Strip in multiple segments

Hi All,

I bought an Addressable High-Density RGB 72-LED Strip, 5V, 0.5m (WS2812B) and did cut it to have two segments (25/47 leds). I used the cutting recommendations from the website and followed the dotted lines to make a good cut. The first segment, close to the input connector works fine but I can’t get the second one to light up. Using an Arduino, I tried addressing from 0 to 47 and from 25 to 72 but that doesn’t do it. I feel there is something missing in my setup, I`m using the wires at the second end of the strip to power/control it. Is there anything special to do at the cut end of the strip? any other ideas?



Hello, Pascal.

Can you post some pictures of your setup that clearly show all of your connections?

It sounds like you are referring to the wires coming out of the end of the original strip. If that is the case, please note that the data line is directional (indicated by the small white arrows on the top of the LED strip), and the data wire coming out of the end of the strip is an output, not an input. If you cut the strip in two segments, you will need to solder additional connections to the start of the second strip (where the cut was made).


Thanks so much Brandon! That`s exactly the info I was looking for. I tried it and it works perfectly!