Current Sensor

I would like to use a current sensor in my Arduino circuit. The sensor will read the current passed through it and then the arduino will react accordingly. For example, if the current is less then 5 amps do this or if the current is more then 8 amps do that. i am going to monitor the current flow of a pump and the different current readings will alert me to potential issues with plugged intake, broken pipe etc. I would like to monitor an A/C current of up to 12 amps. Which current sensor will best meet my needs? When I am testing, how can I create a dummy load of 5 amps and 8 amps as those will be the two trigger points for my project. I am using an arduino mega 2560 r3.

Thank you in advance


Of the current sensors we carry, the ACS711EX Current Sensor Carrier -15.5A to +15.5A seems the most appropriate. It can measure DC or AC currents up to 15A. Please note though, that if you use it with an AC current that the output will also be alternating, so you will probably have to do some processing of the signal in your Arduino code. For testing you might consider using large power resistors to create a load. A quick search turned up these resistors that you might find interesting: