Current limit on VSW on 3pi+

I’m hooking up an ESP32CAM board to my 3pi+ for remote operation and I’d like to power it from VSW so I don’t need a separate power switch. My question is, can I add the 200ma to 500ma current draw of the ESP32CAM to the current already going thru the power switching FETs?

Anyone know what the part numbers of the FETs between VBAT/VRP and VRP/VSW are? (On page 4 of the schematic)


Hello, Joey.

We do not disclose or commit to a specific part number for those FETs, but an extra 200-500mA should be fine in that regard.

However, with the extra current draw, it will probably be even more important to use high-quality batteries, especially if you’re using high-power motors and when abruptly accelerating or changing direction, since the current draw during those actions can already cause significant transient drops in the battery voltage.


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Thanks Brandon, I’ll post a picture when I get it going.