Cripto Library for Atmel Studio 7


Where I can find crypto library for Atmel Studio 7?
I tried to use avr-cripto-lib-master, but I have some errors i.e: Error multiple definition of `aes256_init’

Thank you!


What Pololu product are using? (A link to the product’s page would be great.)

If you are trying to compile that library with one of the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library example templates, can you look at your Atmel Studio .cproj file using a text editor program (e.g. notepad) to see if there is a tag like <Compile Include="*.c"> in it? If so, that tag could cause trouble when new .c files are added to the project. I recommend changing “*.c” to list the full name of a file or remove that tag.

- Amanda

You might find something you like in this remarkable collection of cryptographic routines for Arduino