Has anyone used the crimpers here: They say 0.08-0.5mm capacity

I have tried about 12 pins and can’t get the wire flaps to “heart” down on the wire. Using 22awg stranded.
Nether slot on the crimper makes it work. The smaller of the two is too small and closes the strain flaps too tight and snaps the wire. The other slot, as I say, does not crimp hardly at all around the wire. I am putting the wire flaps in the taller side. It is almost like the pin flaps are not long enough to start turning inside the crimper and basically end up still standing straight up. (using the male pins sold here)


I just tried the crimping tool on a few 22 AWG stranded wires and it worked fine. How thick is your wire? The one I used had a diameter of 1.6 mm.

The long flaps of the crimp pin close around the insulated part of the wire, and the short ones crimp onto the wire’s conductors. The wider, deeper side of the crimp tool cavity is for crimping the longer flaps onto the insulation, and the male prong should be pushing against the flat part of the crimp pin (the flaps protrude up and into the tool’s female cavity and are bent around by the heart-shaped top of the cavity.

- Ben

I have question about “ST-30 Wire Stripper 6-in. AWG 16-26” (Pololu item # 161). Is this tool suitable for crimp “Female Crimp Pins for 0.1 Housings” (Pololu item # 1930)?

Hello, raden.

We have not really tried using the wire stripper to crimp wires, and in general we would expect it not to work very well (or at least require a lot more effort to use); you would probably get better results with either of our dedicated crimping tools (#1928 and #1929).

- Kevin


Has anyone tried using the 1929 crimper with Molex KK series contacts?