Creating a specific RX protocol-format

I haven’t choosen any specific pololu-controller yet. I want to interprete a protocol like this with the appropriate one:
header(1byte),Servochanel1(next 2bytes, binary),Servochanel2(next 2bytes, binary),…,chanel12 or chanel16,CRC(last 2byte, binary).
CRC may be discarded, header also. Baudrate is 115200bit/sec, idletime between two telegrams are about 8ms at least.
Is there any example or hint to do this (SW and HW)? Do you have any suggestion?
Thanks Ralf.S

Hello, Ralf.

It is not entirely clear what it is you are asking, since it sounds like you are asking for advice on how to write certain serial command instructions without a specified controller to send them to. If you explain more about your setup (e.g. what servos you are controlling, what you want them to do, how you plan to send them signals, etc.), and clarify what exactly you want to know, I might be able to help.


Hello Jon,

I’m using a RC-Controller in conjunction with an simple receiver with an UART-Output. This receiver generates the above described fixed length protocol. I want to convert the binary values of that data stream representing the postion of the joysticks/potentiometers in timecoded pulses for standard-servos and some outputs for LEDs switched depending on different positions (forward/backward-indications).


You could probably use a programmable microcontroller for interpreting those signals, generating RC servo pulses, and controlling a few LEDs. To offload some of the computing work, you might consider adding one of our Maestro servo controllers to generate those RC servo pulses. To control the Maestro, you can send it TTL serial signals from a microcontroller. You can learn more about how to do that under the “Serial Interface” section of the Maestro’s user’s guide. You can find a link to the user’s guide under the “Resources” tab of any of the Maestro’s product pages, like this one.