Creating a newkit

I actually asked about this before, but got pulled away for something else. Now, I am back to find out if I can switch our current platform… this is for our soccer project…

The requirement:

  • entire robot fit in a 22cm cylindar
  • able to detect walls
  • seek an IR ball which rolls around… therefore, wider range will be necessary
  • able to identify color (blue vs yellow)
  • compass
  • minimum 16-bit because doing a lot triangulation calculation

The following is what I think I’ll need:

the only thing missing is the compass sensor… questions:
– can I just use another I2C compass sensor
– We are currently using the compass sensor from the . Since you do not carry a compass sensor, I wonder if you have any recommendation to create a cable interface between the controller stated earlier and another end uses an RJ-12-like connector… the interface used with the sensors at

In addition, I am looking for something solderless! :confused:

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Hope that collected information is good to create a tiny robot… we try to create one to do the robosoccer and roborescue game at the If the platform is promising… we can potentially continue to get more… Or, you can post it as a new kit fro robosoccer too… :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for help!

rescue project:

  • able to get around obstacle
  • able to follow line and recognize gaps
  • able to go up 25degrees ramp
  • able to distinguish silver object standing in front of the bot
  • unlike soccer project, no intensive calculation done.

For this, I am thinking to get the 3pi robot with:

  • One expansion kit features cutout
  • one Sonar - Maxbotics EZ0 sonar range finder, capable of 0 to 6.45m
  • one QTR-8A Reflectance Sensor Array (as light sensor pointing forward
  • Accelerometer?


–storming robots


I do not really understand what you are asking. Are you asking if you can, in general, use an I2C compass sensor with the SVP-1284? The answer is that it is very likely to be possible, but will require some significant coding - if you think you are capable of coding it, could you ask some more specific questions about what you are stuck on?

To make a custom cable, I think you can take a 6-wire phone cable, cut off one end, and solder the ends to header pins or us our crimp connector pins. But that seems pretty obvious; did you have a more specific question in mind? I have never done anything with RCX-compatible sensors.

Your last question seems to be about whether you can attach a bunch of extra sensors to the 3pi. The answer is no, without additional control electronics, because the 3pi does not have much available I/O. See this page for more information.