Creating a handheld coin

Hello Gurus:
Do you know some locations I would be able to look for projects or tutorials on creating a handheld haptic device that will have a microcontroller, battery, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, Galvanic Skin Response-Accelerometer, and charging port?


Unfortunately, we do not have resources specific to doing something like that, and I do not have any recommendations for one.

If you cannot find a guide that covers your particular application, you might try breaking it up into smaller parts or looking for guides that involve similar aspects. You might check to see if the Arduino project hub has any similar projects. Adafruit might also have some project guides with useful information.


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Thank you Brandon. The project hub is a great help.

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Projects created around the Adafruit Feather nRF52840 Sense might get you close to what you want. That device meets a few of your requirements:

  • BLE support
  • Lipo battery support, including USB charging
  • 9DoF motion sensor, so it will include 3D acceleromter

Thank you Adam, I will look into this one, I previewed it before my post, yet was not sure about the dimensions. Thank you.

It is definitely a bit larger than you probably want but it isn’t so big that you couldn’t prototype with it (ie. it would fit in a person’s hand with a small Lipo attached).

Thank you. That is what I was thinking of, at least for prototyping. I appreciate your response.