Crank arms only, for Tamiya 70189

[size=85]I’m looking for the metal 3mm crank arms for the “Tamiya 70189 Mini Motor Low-Speed Gearbox (4-Speed) Kit” just like the ones in this kit “Tamiya 89914 3-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit – Clear”. The crank arms are also supplied in kit “Tamiya 70105 3mm diameter shaft set.”

I’m looking for the crank arms only, not all the other stuff. Any suggestions?

Thank you!!

:slight_smile: joe[/size]

Hi, Joe.

Those metal crank arms are not available separately from Tamiya. If you do not want to purchase the 3mm diamter shaft set just to get the crank arms, you might consider seeing if ServoCity has something that might work instead.


Thank you Emily, I’ll check ServoCity.

Have a great weekend!!

:slight_smile: joe