Could the TI CC2592 extend the Wixel's Range?

This morning I was looking around on the TI site and I noticed the CC2592 2.4-GHz Range Extender chip. The documentation states [quote]“The CC2592 device is a range extender for all CC25XX 2.4-GHz low-power RF transceivers, transmitters, and system-on-chip products from Texas Instruments.”[/quote]

Have y’all seen this?


Keith E. Cooper

Hello, Keith.

Thank you for telling us about that device. It looks like the CC2592 would need to be integrated into the Wixel’s circuit board between the microcontroller and the antenna, so it would not be easy for you to use it with existing Wixels. We are considering making some different versions of the Wixel with different antenna options, and we will definitely consider one that includes the CC2592, but there are a lot of projects that we have in mind right now that have a higher priority.


Thanks so much for your quick reply! I look forward to those new Wixels and your other products!


Keith E. Cooper

I just want to UP this thread: the nightscout project ( has a branch of development which is using wixel to connect to Dexcom G4 CGM sensor (used to monitor blood glucose continuosly).
We would be VERY interested in a wixel with wider range, to be able to remotely connect to our babies and monitor their BG. A mini external antenna would be optimal.

As an alternative, it would be very interesting a wixel based on TI 2540 , so bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) instead of RF. It would have many uses and could be “radio compatible” with standard wixels by using available cheap TI RF modules, already available for few dollars, if needed (as is in the aformentioned project)