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Copy Scripts to Another Board

To reuse maestro scripts on another Maestro is the following: copy all to clipboard save clipboard to txt file. Connect next maestro, load previously saved txt file copy to script windows and save to maestro.

Is that the sequence to duplicate maestro to another maestro? Or is there a better or more proper way. None of this is covered in the Pololu tutorial. Would be nice if someone created a book that is tutorial with downloadable code for animation. What is output used for? Input and servo is clear.


I moved your post to the “Servo controllers and servos” section of the forum since it is specific to the Maestro.

You could save the Maestro settings file from your original Maestro and load it onto any subsequent Maestros. Please note that this will copy all the settings, not just the script. To do this, you can connect your original Maestro, open the Maestro Control Center, and choose the “Save settings file…” option in the “File” drop-down menu. From there, you can connect any subsequent Maestros to the Maestro Control Center, and choose the “Open settings file…” option from that same “File” menu and choose the file you saved previously. After that, you will just need to be sure to click the “Apply settings” button.

If you need to load these settings onto a lot of Maestros, you could make a batch file (or shell script) that uploads your settings file using the usccmd Command-line Utility.

“Output” specifies that the channel should be used as a simple digital output. The position value of an output channel is used to control whether the output is low or high. It will be low unless it is equal to or greater than 1500us. You can find this information in the “Channel Settings” section of the Maestro user’s guide.


Thanks Brandon Appreciater the advice