Converting ~5V DC to 12V DC safely to turn on/off magnetic l


I have a 12v magnetic lock, which is just an electromagnet. here the link.

I want to turn it on with my Arduino Uno microcontroller. I need 12v. I need a 5v to 12v DC convertor. Is Pololu 12V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V12F12 a good solution? here the link of the product:

Do I need a part of Pololu 12V Step-Up Voltage Regulator any additional transistor or diode or relay? Also, is the current from the Arduino enough to power a magnetic lock, or should I have an external power source?



Supplying power to your lock device’s solenoid through the an Arduino’s IO pin is inappropriate, so you would not be able to use that regulator like that. In general, it probably makes more sense to use a MOSFET to control your magnetic lock. You would still need something to supply 12V to the MOSFET, but since you are using an Arduino Uno, you could probably use the same 12V supply to power both the Uno and the MOSFET.

- Grant


Thanks for your replays. Very helpful. Just one more thing. Are these elements a good solution:

1.MOSFET : N-Channel 60V 30A (

  1. Diode: Vr - Reverse Voltage:50V; If - Forward Current:1A (

Any additional resistor needed? Any diagram circuit how to connect all of them?

I found these diagram , is that ok?


The diagram you linked to looks fine. Also, on the product page for the MOSFET you linked to, it looks like there is a link to a tutorial about using MOSFETS, including circuit diagrams, you might find helpful.

- Grant