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Convert reading imu (9dofs) to g

i have polulu 9 dofs imu with the following library on ardunio

i run the simple example and want to know how to convert the reading (of accelerometer and gyro) into correct “g” and “dps”

as the example run enable, so it is ±2g and 245 dps. in datasheet table 3, the acc and angular rate should be:
acc= raw data * 0.061/1000/2^8 (g)(because it is signed 16 bits register so it is 2^8 as “LSB” in data sheet)
and the same approach for gyro:
acc= raw data * 8.75 /1000/2^8 (dps)

I am really confused how to interpret the raw data here

thanks in advance


You should not be dividing by 2^8. The units of the datasheet specification, for example “0.061 mg/LSB”, mean that a change of the least-significant bit of the 16-bit value (that is, a change of one count) corresponds to a change of 0.061 mg. Have you read the comments at the top of the library’s Serial sketch? It gives an example of how to convert a raw value into a reading in g.


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For anyone still is missing it, page 15 in datasheet shows the proportion that needs to be multiplied as @kevin mentions