Controlling the state of the IR LED's through the mbed


Is there a way to digitally turn on or off the led emitters on the 3pi base using the MBED? They use a bit of power and I was wondering if I could turn them off when the robot is not line following and subsequently turn them on just before the robot wanted to line follow?

All for now . . .

Jerry Guttman

Hello, Jerry.

The IR emitter LEDs on the 3pi could be controlled serially through from the mbed. However, our serial slave program does not include a command to turn them off. You could add a command to the serial slave code to control the IR LEDs from the mbed through the 3pi. If you plan to control IR LEDs that way, you should make sure the jumper on the 3pi marked PC5 is in place. Alternatively, you could connect a wire directly to the LEDON pin of the PC5 header (the pin that is further from the red LED) to control the IR LEDs from any digital IO pin on the mbed.

- Grant