Controlling SVP-324p backlight

I want to turn off the LCD backlight via software.
is it possible? and if so, how?

Hi guys,
I’m trying to turn off the backlight too.
Can i do it from software or does it have to be a permanent short to gnd?
I’m on SVP-324p.


I merged your posts since they are about the same question.

You can control the brightness of the LCD’s backlight via code by connecting the BACKLIGHT line to a free PWM output pin on the Orangutan SVP-324p. This information can be found under the “LCD” portion under the “Module Pinout and Components” section of the Orangutan SVP User’s Guide. For a list of free PWM output pins, see the table under “AVR Pin Assignment Table Sorted by Function”.

- Amanda

to turn it off i just connected the backlight pin to an I/O and set to low whenever i want.