Controlling LV-168 w/ Matlab

Hi All,
I recently purchased an orangutan LV-168 Robot controller, with a Orangutan USB Programmer. Basically, I really don’t like programming in C to much, and was wondering if there was a way to use the LV-168 with Matlab. I messed around a little using the serial function but didnt have much success. Any information anyone would be able to give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.


I don’t think anyone has set up a way to auto-generate AVR machine code from Matlab (although I would be very interested if someone had), since the operation, particularly of the peripheral devices, is so hardware specific.

If you’re not fond of C, your other options are AVR assembly language (bleh!), or there are a couple of higher-level (but further removed from the actual hardware operations) languages you could use. There is an open, real time operating system for AVRs at SourceForge, or you could check out the Arduino language if you’re interested in simple, object oriented AVR programming.

I’m guessing though that the reason you’d rather use Matlab is that you like it better than C, so you wouldn’t want to go learn some third language. There is a very good book on C programming for microcontrollers, oddly enough called C Programming for Microcontrollers, which specifically deals with AVRs (all examples are for the ATMega128 on the AVR butterfly, but completely applicable to the ATMega168 on your LV-168 Orangutan).

Sorry to disappoint!


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Thanks for the information, I haven’t done C much, but I’ve done some java, I’m just rusty and been spoiled with matlab (it’s so easy), but I can re-learn. THanks again.