Controlling a Servo via the Web

I am new to the world of Wixels & robotics in general and I am endeavoring on a new project. I want to be able to control one servo over the internet (via Web Browser, iPhone, Android, etc). IoBridge is a control module that allows for a servo to be connected to the Internet & control via a web interface. (

One can buy a Servo Controller board that will allow a physical connection to any standard servo ( This will allow me to get close to my goal, but not wirelessly within my home. (Basically, I would like to hook the IOBridge into my wireless hub and then have the servo in a different part of my house)

One can also buy a Smart board ( to send and receive serial data.

I want to be able to hook a Mini-Maestro 12 to the IoBridge wirelessly and run a Maestro script that I already have developed that moves a servo somewhere else in the house. Would I be able to get the Iobridge smart board to communicate with the Mini-Maestro 12 wirelessly?

Is it realistically possible to have the IOBrige Smart board send a signal to a Wixel that is attached to a Mini-Maestro 12 and servo across the house to execute a script I developed in the Maestro Control center?

Would there be a more direct way of achieving this goal or am I not on the right track?

Many thanks! I hope some experts out there would help me along the way! :smiley:

Hello, webel.

One of the features of the ioBridge is “serial data output” so you should probably be able to use Wixels running the Wireless Serial App to establish a wireless connection between the ioBridge and a Maestro.

The block diagram of you system would look like this:

Router <-> ioBridge <-> voltage level shifter if needed <-> Wixel <-> radio waves <-> Wixel <-> Maestro

Once you have everything wired and configured correctly, you can send serial commands to the Maestro, including the command for restarting the script at a subroutine.

If you have any questions about how to make the connections, let us know.