Controlling a servo and software with one switch

Hello everyone,

I have a little code that moves a servo back and forth on a 25 second time delay. I have a pulldown resistor off Pololu 5v for a rotary switch. This part is ok. When I activate the Rotary switch it commands the servo to wait 25 seconds and then returns the switch to neutral. This works fine.

What I want to happen at the same time as I turn the switch to activate the servo, is to send a command to an input on another card to activate a command read by another software program. So two things happen at the same time…the servo script gets activated as well as software from another program. I dont want to add another switch in this circuit.

Is this possible to do with one switch ? If it is, can someone show me a rough schematic of how to do it?

All the Best


In the software where you’re reading the switch and activate the servo, could you also activate a second output, that’s read by the second system, at the same time?