Controlling a Digital Servo with an Analog Signal

Hi, I’ve just started using servos for a project in the last couple weeks and until a few days ago I had a homemade servo control board that took an analog signal from a NI DAQ (controlled through matlab) and converted the analog output from the NI DAQ to a digital signal to control my servo. The board also powered the servo as well using a battery pack. I can replace the battery pack if needed (I currently have a 9V). The board stopped working suddenly (ESD or some reason) and not being an electronics guy or the guy who made it, I’m looking for a Pololu product to replace it. The important thing is that I can use the same matlab/NI DAQ setup since Im interfacing with other sensors (load cell, etc) in Matlab to specify control of the servo. Thanks and Cheers

You could use a Micro Maestro 6-Channel Servo Controller and write a simple script on it that reads an analog voltage between 0-5 V on one of the channels and converts that to servo commands. We have an example script called “Using an analog input to control servos” in the user’s guide which shows you how to do this:

The Maestro can be powered from 9 V.

If your DAQ outputs voltages above 5 V it could damage the Maestro, so you should use a voltage divider to make the voltage smaller before connecting it to the Maestro.