Controller for linear actuator with feedback

I am looking for a controller for this linear actuator, LACT24-500APL. I am looking for memory locations with manual overrider. Concentric has a product LA-CONTROLLER that has the function that we need. Can this be used with this controller?

Thanks in advance…


I am not very familiar with the LA-CONTROLLER from Concentric, but in their datasheet for it, they claim that it works with their light- and medium-duty actuators, so I suspect it is underpowered for the industrial-duty actuators like the LACT24-500APL.

We generally recommend our Jrk G2 24v21 Motor Controller for those actuators. It does not have a built-in feature for saving and recalling positions using buttons, but you could use it in combination with a separate microcontroller, such as an Arduino or our Arduino-compatible A-Star controllers, to add that kind of functionality. In that kind of set up, you would program the separate microcontroller to monitor the buttons and send the appropriate commands (e.g. setTargetPosition(), forceDutyCycle()) via the I2C or TTL serial interface when they are pushed. You could use our Jrk G2 library for Arduino to make the programming and communication easier.


Thank you Brandon. I was looking for a more off the shelf solution.

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