Controling robot servos from Maestro

I have the Maestro 12, I was able to control my ESC and other analog servos and relays from the Pololu Maestro Control Center software.
Now comes my new chanlange - I need to be able to control and read data from Robotic servos, is it possible? Is there any example of such attempt?


What kind of servos do you want to use? Do you have any information about their communication protocol?


Hi Nathan.

I have many robotic servos, the principle is the same… I need to rotate the servos and read the positioning/pressure/other measurements from the servo.
I am aware that each manufacture probably has its own implementation/API but most of it is the same so if someone did it before I’ll probably be able to adjust the code to my servos.


It is hard to offer any advice without knowing more about the servo’s communication protocol. If the servos have an analog output for feedback, it might be possible to use some of the Maestro’s channels in “input” mode to read that feedback. If the servos use some digital communication protocol (other than hobby R/C servo pulses), it would most likely be necessary to use the scripting language to implement that protocol on the Maestro, which could be very challenging. In such a case, it might be easier to use a more general purpose microcontroller board.