Control Transfer Failed

Hi, I am using the Mini Maestro 12 channel, it is USB powered and I’m using 5v from a PC power supply to power the servos. I’m using a servo like a toggle switch to change direction on 2, 24V Actuators. When I go into the Maestro Control Center to move the servo, once the Actuator starts, I get the Control Transfer Failed error and all the lights go out on the controller. I have to pull the plug on the USB cable and plug it back in to get it working again. Obviously the Actuator is affecting the controller in some way because everything works fine when the Actuators aren’t running. This same thing was happening on the 6 channel controller as well. Any ideas what’s causing this?


It sounds like the Maestro’s USB connection is being affected by electrical noise from your actuators. Here are some suggestions for steps you can take to try to limit this noise. You could also try using shorter or different USB cables or using/not using a USB hub.

- Kevin

I had a feeling it was something like that, I also have the controller in the middle of a lot of power lines, I’m going to try and isolate the control away from as many as the power lines as I ca, as well as use the capacitors.

Discovered the problem was with the power supply I was using.

I’m glad to hear you figured out the problem; thanks for letting us know.

- Kevin