Control servo with 180 degree

Hi, I use Pololu Maestro 24 channel servo control board, however, I just control the servo only 90 degrees with this board. I need more than 90 degrees for controlling the robot, I use an Arduino board,

can anybody help me please with coding thanks

I moved your post to the “Servo controllers and servos” section of the forum since it is about the Maestro servo controller.

You will probably need to extend the range of pulse width signals the Maestro is allowed to send. You can find instructions for finding the maximum possible range of your servo in the second to last FAQ under the “FAQs” tab of the Maestro’s product page. I have copied that FAQ below for convenience. Please note that it is possible to damage a servo by commanding it to positions outside of what it is physically capable of, so you should be careful when doing this:

How do I use my Maestro servo controller to get the maximum possible range of motion from my servo?

Be careful when going past the normal 90-degree range to avoid damaging your servo.

To find the settings in the Maestro Control Center that make your servo rotate as much as it can, first set the Min and Max values on the Channel Settings tab to a wider range. Then use the lowest possible supply voltage at which your servo moves and gradually move the slider on the status tab until the servo does not move any further or you hear the servo straining. Once you reach the limit, immediately move back from it to avoid damaging the servo. Finally, return to the channel settings tab and configure Min and Max so that the servo will never go past the limit.