Control of a Proportional valve using SVP-1284


I am new here, I will be getting the SVP-1284 controller very soon, I was wondering if there is a way to control a proportional (solenoid) valve directly from the SVP-1284 in order to control the flow of a fluid? What port would I use and the method of programming it. Or would I need an external circuit?

I really appreciate your help.



Do you have a datasheet or more information about the solenoid?

- Ryan

Hello Ryan,

I have not started the project yet and still doing research on the best components to use. I did not choose the proportional valve yet.



Without some example of a solenoid you plan to use, all I can say is there is some chance you will be able to control a proportional valve solenoid with an SVP. For example, I see some proportional solenoid valves have electronic control systems already in place, which allow them to be controlled directly from an IO pin. In other cases, it might be possible to use the SVP motor drivers as high-current outputs.

- Ryan


You should note that the absolute maximum current you can get from an I/O pin on the SVP is 40 mA, though at this current the voltage will probably be significantly less than 5 V. Practically speaking, you should be able to get around 20 mA without too much of a voltage drop. I expect this will not be enough current to drive a solenoid valve, but this is a spec you can consider when looking at your options. As Ryan pointed out, you might be able to get a valve with built-in control electronics, in which case you can just use an I/O line for control. Otherwise, you should be able to use one of the SVP’s motor driver outputs to get the necessary current, or you can probably use an I/O line to control power to the solenoid via a MOSFET.

- Ben

Thanks guys,

Ill keep those options in mind, I really appreciate your help.



You may be getting your word terms overloaded. I worked in the process control field for many decades before retirement. There are electrically solenoid operated valves, but they are of the full on or full off style and are usually controlled directly with a on/off voltage with 12v,24v,120v and in AC or DC coil choices.

Fully proportional valves allows one to place a valve anywhere in it’s 0-100% travel limit. These are avalible is several electrical interface types, 4-20ma DC current loop, 0-10vdc, -10vdc to +10vdc, etc. These are usually used as the output for a central or field located PID controller or PLC controller.

Selecting control valves for process control is a very exacting thing as there are usually a ton on specifications, limits, and restrictions you have to be aware of as you select your valve and it’s various options.