Control maestro board with vixen 3

Im looking to find a way to control the maestro 6 channel servo board with vixen 3. I have seen a couple mentions of doing it but I am having trouble figuring out what I need to do so that they can communicate with each other. Thanks


We do not have any examples for using the Maestro with Vixen 3. From my understanding, the Vixen 3 software does not have built-in support for the Maestro serial protocols. You might be able to do something more custom such as using a separate microcontroller to process the DMX signals from the software and turn them into TTL serial commands for the Maestro. A brief Internet search showed a forum thread about using an Arduino to do so. It seems to have been successful, but it will require some programing on your part; the post did not share any code examples.

I hope this is helpful in getting you started. We would love to hear about any success you have!