Control circuit of a humanoid robot (something like i-cub or

hello everybody
my friend and I are building the upper body of a humanoid robot for our MSc thesis project. There are 24 dc motors in this robot the thing I want to know is what is the best way to command these motors simultaneously?

the design i had in mind is for each motor to have it’s own micro for position and velocity control and then one master micro to command and control the slave micros. if this is the best way to go how does the master micro command slave ones simultaneously?

another question I have is what is the best micro for the robot to go with between arm and pic? i want the master micro to receive it’s command from pc.
any help would be appreciated. thank you.


Your proposed plan sounds fine to me. What is best will depend on your specific application and is something you will have to determine.

By the way, the image in your post does not show up. You might try adding it as an attachment to your post or hosting it on a site that allows public viewing.

- Grant