Continuous servos stall with Astar lv

My setup robot includes 2 continuous servos( parallax 4 to 6vdc, 15-200mA) connected to Vin . Off the 5volt out I have 2ea qtr sensors and 2 ea IR proximity sensors pololu # 2460. The power supply is 5 AA batteries. I’m using a Astar Prime LV. The servos often stall for no reason I can tell, maybe you could help answer this, I had the same setup with an UNO and had no problem. If I had used an SV instead of an LV would it make any different ?


I do not expect the A-Star Prime SV to have different results than the A-Star Prime LV. Could you tell me more about the behavior you are seeing? When the servos “stall”, are they still trying to move or are they inactive? What is your robot trying to do when you see this behavior? Could you try simplifying your code so that it just moves the servos and see if the problem persists?

- Grant