Continuous rotation servos and Maestro software

How does the Maestro software handle Continuous rotation servos ? or does it ? , we modified a servo to test it ( remote pot type ) and we get continuous rotation but it is hard to stop it ( I have a real Cont. Rot. servo coming to see if it is different then the modded servo ) .

We have to go to a worm gear type drive from direct drive so we need 4-5 rotations of the servo to get the movement we need , is there a way to get position feedback other than a remote pot ? ( pretty sure there is not from what I read ) .

If we use a remote POT can we use it to send feedback to the controller to know the servo position ? ( I believe I read something about this) . I believe it has to be done in software correct ? .


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Continuous rotation servos have the same control interface as standard servos, so the Maestro can also control them, except instead of giving you position control, you effectively get open-loop speed control.

Pulling the potentiometer out of a servo and then adding it back elsewhere in the system sounds likely to be a sub-optimal solution. Rather, you might consider just using a normal DC motor and a motor controller like our jrk 21v3:

The jrk can take your potentiometer feedback and give you position control of the motor. Accomplishing that same kind of thing with the Maestro would be difficult at best and would not work anywhere near as well.

Alternatively, you might just look into getting multi-turn servos (also sometimes called “sail winch servos”). These servos have multi-turn potentiometers built in, so they can rotate more than 360 degrees while still offering position control. Unfortunately, we do not currently carry those kinds of servos, but a quick internet search brings up some promising options.


THanks , the Sail winch servo looks like it might fit the bill and still use the servo controller and software ( we will have to develop our own SW version later ) we have to go to a worm gear system so a 4 turn motor with the right ratio worm gear can give us 60-75 Degrees of motion ! perfect actually.

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