Connection failed?


i´m having troubles connecting my orangutan x2 with my pc. usb cable ok, green LED on. winXP. in the hardware manager there is a working entry of the usb-to serial driver. should there be any other driver? (see the attached picture)

i tried the connection with AVR Studio 4. i built the simple test/test file successfully, but when i tried to connect with the tool, there is the message “connection failed”. is there another simple solution for testing the connection without avr studio? what do you think? is it a question ov avr studio or a question of the conection. when i try to run the polulu avr usb programmer configuration utility, i get a .net framework initialization error…

thank you!


Are you first putting the X2 into programming mode? To do this, you must hold the reset button down for 0.5 s, at which point the controller will beep and the yellow LED will turn on.

- Ben


yes, i did, forgot to mention it. i also tried to re-install the driver. when the green and yellow leds are on, is that a sign that there is a real connection, or is it just that there is power through the usb-cable. is there a simple terminal-command to test the connection or something like this? thank you!


In the AVR Studio 4 “Select AVR Programmer” dialog box, what Platform and COM port are you selecting? Could you please try selecting “STK500” and COM3?

The Orangutan X2 is very different from the Pololu USB AVR Programmer, so I would not expect the programmer’s configuration utility to work for you.

The programming commands are binary, not ASCII, so there is no simple terminal command to test the connection. There are other ways to test it, which we can try later if needed.


thank you,

i got it working on an other win xp- installation, no idea, where´s the difference, but its working;-)