Connecting servos in series?


I want to run my two 6v servos (HD-1810MG) and Maestro 6 controller in a car application and since the main power in a car is 12v, would it be possible to connect the servos in series allowing it to use 12v? Then I would be able to power the Maestro and servos with a regulated 12v from say the cig lighter or AUX12v. Thanks.


It is not a good idea for you to connect your servos in series. A servo is not just a motor; it also contains control circuitry, so connecting your servos in series does not mean that each of your servos will receive 6V from your 12V power source. You can read this blog post for more information about what is in a servo.

To power both your servos with a 12V power supply, you should use a step-down regulator. You can see all of the step-down regulators that we carry here. We typically recommend a budget of 1A per servo for standard servos. You might consider using the D24V25F6 step-down voltage regulator, which can source up to 2.5A, to power both your servos.

- Amanda

Thank you.