Connecting multiple analog distance sensors

I’m planning to use a number of those nice Sharp analog distance sensors:

…in a project but I don’t want to dedicate an A/D to each one or to have to put relays in the output lines to select which is in use. Pololu support don’t think I can just connect the outputs together and power up the devices one by one as the reverse voltage on the unpowered outputs could damage the “off” devices. I could connect a diode in series with the outputs but that would reduce the maximum range of my reading.

Has anyone here done anything similar and can give any good advice on the subject?


Hello, Rob.

You might look into analog multiplexers or analog-to-I2C adapters.


Ooh, yes, interesting, thanks. I’ll take a look at whether there’s room for an SOIC16 on my rather overcrowded PCB. A discrete solution would be easier to find room for but there’s just a chance…