Connecting IR sensor with Zumo without Soldering

I recently got a Zumo robot (Pre assembled) and it’s amazing, I was thinking about connecting an IR sensor I have at my home but I don’t have much soldering experience. Is there any way I can connect IR sensor to Zumo without soldering cables? I can put IR sensor on breadboard and kind of attach breadboard over Arduino but i couldn’t find any cables that will stick to holes in Zumo shield. I am new to robotics world, I am sorry if this sounds like a silly query.


Soldering is the best way to ensure a good electrical connection. I have seen some snap-in header pins that might work, but the ratings I have seen are generally poor so I would not recommend them. Soldering skills are going to become increasingly important as your projects increase in complexity. I can also understand not wanting to damage your Zumo while learning to solder. You might consider getting a few prototyping breadboards and headers to practice your soldering skills before attempting the solder parts to your Zumo. You might take look at this helpful soldering tutorial to help you get started.