Connecting D24V22F5 regulator

I am installing a Sirius radio into an antique car with a 6 volt negative ground system. I have a Pololu D24V22F5 step down regulator to reduce the voltage into the Sirius receiver to the required 5 volts. This may be a stupid question regarding connections…

The 6 volt positive goes to "Vin"
The 5 volts to Sirius goes to "Vout"
Where do the negative connections from the 6 volt system and to the Sirius receiver go?.. to the ground terminal between “Vin” and “Vout” on the regulator? To the other ground terminal in the corner of the regulator? One on each? Which to which? Does it matter?

Thanks for any help.


The grounds on our boards are internally connected, so you can make your reference voltage connection at either ground terminal. So, if you can measure +6V across the positive and negative connections you want to use from your vehicle, you can connect the positive lead to VIN on the regulator and the negative lead to one of the GND pins. Then, to supply 5V to your Sirius radio, you should connect VOUT to the positive input on your radio and GND to the negative input on your radio.


Thank you for the help. I connected the regulator as you instructed, and the Sirius receiver works great.

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