Connecting Cables To Other Cables

This seems like it should be simple. All I wish to do is:

a) connect one two-wire cable to another two-wire cable,
b) connect two two-wire cables (via a Y-cable) to a third two-wire cable.

I’d like the connectors to be polarized, to prevent accidents, and I’d like the connectors to be as small as possible, so they can pass through the small holes in my RRCO4A chassis. The maximum current on these cables is maybe 2A.

When I try to find the right connectors, determine which ones mate with which other ones, figure out what crimp pins they need and if I need a special tool, I go a bit crazy.

I would appreciate suggestions.


Hello, Ray.

Something like these cables might work for you:

Unfortunately they do not pass through the smallest holes on the RRC04A chassis, and you would have to splice your own splitter cables.

- Ryan

Perfect. Thank you!