Connecting A4990 Dual motor shields in series

I am working with on Arduino Mega 2560 and I need to connect 3 motor shields to drive 6 motors in total. How is that possible?

Thank you in advance


It is possible to accomplish this with your A4990 shields. (It actually might have been a little easier with our smaller A4990 carrier though.) You should carefully read the product page, but here is a checklist of the things you need for everything to be connected properly.

First, make sure that all of your motor driver boards and your Arduino share a common ground.

Second, supply the drivers with logic power. Either the 5V or 3V3 from your Arduino would be fine.

Third, ensure that your Arduino will always be powered appropriately. You can use one of the shields to power your Arduino; however, you should read the “Using the shield” section of the A4990 shield product page before attempting to do this. There are many potential missteps that could lead to you damaging your Arduino or motor drivers

Fourth, connect the speed control pins, which are labeled 9 for output A and 10 for output B on the driver shields, to Arduino pins with PWM outputs. You can check the Arduino Mega’s documentation for a list of pins that are capable of that.

Fifth, connect the direction control pins, which are labeled 7 for output A and 8 for output B on the driver shields, to any of the remaining I/O pins.