Connecting a GPS

Is it possible to connect the Locosys LS20031 GPS to the Pololu 3pi?
If yes, can you please send me some sample code and how to connect it (sorry for the straightforwardness… :blush: ) .



It should be possible. Someone on our forums connected a similar GPS module to their Baby Orangutan, which is quite similar to the 3pi. I would start by looking at that. The LS20031 needs to be powered from a 3-4.2V source, so you will need a separate voltage regulator that lowers the voltage and supplies at least 100 mA. Also, the GPS serial connections are not 5-volt tolerant, so you will need a voltage divider to divide down the 3pi’s 5V serial.

- Ryan

Thank you for the fast response, I will try that.


Hi Boris

I’m very new to 3pi including add some bad code
I wanted to know how you are getting on with the GPS
The next step is to make a base station for your GPS I’m very interested

Downunder :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I have canceled this project for now,
I am coming back to it next year.:cry: