Connecting 2-Motors in Parallel to Single Battery Source


I have an application where two micro motors need to be connected in parallel to a single battery, 3-6V source.

I would like to use a terminal block or something similar to make the connection easier to deal with.

Can anyone recommend a product that will help me configure it. I guess it would be a +/- for the battery, then two places for the +/- leads from each motor.


Generally, we recommend making soldered connections to the motor terminals on the micro metal gear motors and we do not know of any small clips that might connect to them. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with soldering, you might find the detailed tips in the “Adafruit Guide To Excellent Soldering” helpful.

I do not know how suitable this might be for your application, but I have created a power bus for some of my projects by soldering a wire along a set of terminal blocks (we carry several sizes of these). I used hot glue to insulate the exposed connections.


That’s a clever way to do it, thanks, I’ll try it out.