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Connect Zumo 32U4 to ESP8266-01

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to connect EPS8266 to Zumo 32U4 and control the robot.
The problem is when I connect Zumo Tx and Rx (the default UART in Arduino) can’t get the data in ESP8266.

I tried this before using the SoftwareSerial and used pin 13 and 14 as software UART. It worked fine. But these pins are defined in the Zumo library. So when I add the Zumo library to my code, shows me an error about defining the pins two times.

So, I need to connect to ESP8266 while using Zumo library.
Do you have any suggestions?



The Zumo 32U4 uses the hardware UART pins (0 and 1) for controlling the LCD. You can reference the “Pin assignments” section of the Zumo 32U4 user’s guide to see what each pin is used for. Please note that each I/O pin is already being used for some other purpose, so you will need to disable or disconnect one of the other features of the Zumo 32U4. You can find information about freeing up I/O pins in the “Adding electronics” section of the user’s guide. For example, if you do not need the LCD, you can remove it so you can access the UART pins. Otherwise, you could disable some other features to use software serial.

By the way, the Zumo 32U4 uses 5V logic signals. If your ESP8266 module is not 5V tolerant, you might need to use a voltage divider or a level shifter to safely communicate between the devices.