Connect servos & ESC to pololu maestro using the ESC voltage

I have the pololu Maestro 12ch

in RC build - all the servos and electric speed control (ESC) are connected to the RC receiver, the ESC which is also connected to that receiver usually provides the power to the receiver and all its connected modules (such as servos).

I am trying to do the same with the maestro so i will not have to use any external power and get the voltage to run everything directly through the ESC.

my ESC is 6v, 5000 ma


The “Powering the Maestro” section of the Maestro user’s guide (which can be found under the “Resources” tab of the Maestro’s product page) contains information on various ways to power the Maestro. If your ESC can provide 6V power to the servo power rail, it sounds like you should be able to use the included blue shorting block on the “VSRV=VIN” pins on the Mini Maestro 12-channel to also power the logic side of the board from your ESC.


Old topic same question but with the micro maestro. Do I need to alter the micro?

Hello, Volition.

There is no VSRV=VIN shorting block feature on the Micro Maestro. However, we explain how to achieve the same single power supply functionality under the “One power supply” sub-section of the “Powering the Maestro” section of the Maestro’s user’s guide, which Nathan linked to above. That sub-section also includes a wiring diagram, which should help making that modification even easier.