Connect LSM303AGR Acelerometer Interrupt Pins, really necessary?

Excuse me if this query seems very silly, I am designing a schematic and it will take the integrated LSM303AGR because I need to read accelerometer and magnetometer data by I2C.
What happens if I leave the accelerometer interrupt pins (INT_1_XL and INT_2_XL pins) and the magnetometer interrupt pin (INT_MAG / DRDY pin) without connecting to my microcontroller, or anywhere, I just leave them floating?
Will the accelerometer work normally? Will I be able to read his data without problems?
Or is it necessary to connect them all (or only some) to at least some voltage reference?
Again, excuse me if this question seems too silly.
Thank you very much for your time.


Hello, Gustavo.

We haven’t used the LSM303AGR, but I expect it to be similar to other MEMS sensors from ST, in which case it should be fine to leave those pins disconnected (our IMU boards generally don’t break out any of the interrupt or data ready pins).