Connect accelerometer to micro maestro

Is it possible to connect an accelerometer to a micro maestor and use the sensor values to moves the servos appropriately?


It should be possible to use an accelerometer with analog outputs like our 1LC 3-Axis Accelerometer ±3/9g with analog input channels on the Micro Maestro.


What about a 9 dof IMU?

I was thinking about making a quad copter flight controller with the maestro.

It is not possible for the Micro Maestro to interpret the TTL Serial or I2C digital communication protocols used by the IMU units I am aware of. It might be technically possible to develop some software SPI communication protocol (which a few IMUs support) using the Maestro scripting language, but it would probably be slow and is not something we would be able to help much with. Also, implementing a complicated algorithm like a flight control algorithm in the Maestro scripting language does not seem very practical.

It is possible to use a microcontroller like an Arduino to send the Micro Maestro commands over a serial interface, which might be helpful for something like a flight controller. Our “Maestro Servo Controller library for Arduino” is linked to on the “Resources” tab of the product page for the Micro Maestro.