Configure channels without MaestroControlCenter?

Hi, I have no screen on the linux pc I use the maestro on and I think for this reason the MaestroControlCenter doesn’t work (via VNC). The is there another way to configure the channels ?

PS: currently I am not able to get the position of a servo through a cpp program, I suppose it’s beccause the channel is not configured ?..

I connected the maestro to a windows pc to it in “Dual port” serial mode and connected it back to linux but the exemple in the doc ( doesn’t work, the program hangs on if(read(fd,response,2) != 2), however the UscCmd can control the servo perfectly. Is there a UscCmd C++ code somewhere ?


We do not have a user-friendly command-line interface for configuring the Maestro. The UscCmd utility can take a Maestro settings file as input and apply the settings to the Maestro, but it is not particularly easy to write or edit a Maestro settings file by hand.

UscCmd uses the Maestro’s native USB interface (i.e. control transfers and libusb) rather than the virtual COM ports. The source code for it is in C# and can be found in the Pololu USB SDK.

For your serial program: Did you make sure to click the “Apply Settings” button after changing the serial mode to USB Dual Port using the Maestro Control Center? You must have changed the code to select a diffrerent COM port, so which one did you pick? The Maestro has two virtual COM ports, so are you sure you picked the right one?